Sunday, November 15, 2015

Feeling loved

I feel so grateful today for the amazing people in my life. You all make Michigan a great home away from home for us. Your kind acts of service toward me and my family make my heart swell. You were an answer to my silent prayers today. Thank you to the lady who put my baby to sleep and held him during the last hour of church. Thank you to the young man (12 yr old) who helped me carry a baby to the car when my arms were totally full. Thank you to my church family for your friendship and love. Thanks to the sweet nurses at my husbands work who always seem happy to see us and shower my children with love. Love you all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Blessing for Seth Daniel Longenecker

Baby Blessing for Seth Daniel Longenecker

January 4th, 2015- Given by your Grandpa Thomas Francis Longenecker

I ask the Holy Ghost to be present to accompany us during this blessing.

May you know how important it is to have this blessing done.

I bless you to know the importance of your name, especially Daniel. 

I bless you to be strong, healthy and to have the Spirit with you as you make decisions.

I bless you to be comforted in times of need.

I bless you to know those who love you and understand the teachings of your parents.

I bless you to be softened and understand the blessings of the gospel in your life and understand the blessing that you have in the future.

Be committed, be strong, be happy.

I bless you to have a strong and healthy spirit.

I bless you to be found in the safety of the circle of the priesthood. 

We reserve these blessings and many other blessing given by your Father in Heaven.


Priesthood holders in attendance-Grandpa Thomas Longenecker,  Dad- Brandon Longenecker, Uncles- Alan Zabriskie, Kory Longenecker, and Jaymes Longenecker, and Friend-Brother Pyne.

Isabella's Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing for Isabella Marie Longenecker

January 4th, 2015- Given by your Dad, Brandon Longenecker

We give you a name and a blessing.

Isabella Marie Longenecker, your Mother’s have chosen this name for you.

You came before you were ready to come into the world and have made progress since that time.

I bless you from the crown of your head to your feet that you will continue to develop.

As you have faith and seek to learn about your father in Heaven and Jesus Christ you will come to know and understand them and your purpose on Earth.

The Holy Ghost will reveal sweet truths to your heart.

You were blessed with a special gift that your Mother and I fell in love with you the moment we saw you.  You will have that same effect on many hearts.

Those you come in contact with will feel the love of the Savior and Heavenly Father.  Never cease to use this gift.

Use good books, especially the scriptures.  As you study and pray you will understand.

Never cease studying and learning.

You are surrounded by a family who loves the Savior.  Your Mother will counsel you in correct ways.  Always listen to your Mother and have courage to make correct decisions. Your parents and priesthood holders will counsel you in a correct way.

When the time comes you will have the desire to serve however the Lord calls you.

Priesthood holders in attendance-Grandpa Thomas Longenecker,  Dad- Brandon Longenecker, Uncles- Alan Zabriskie, Kory Longenecker, and Jaymes Longenecker, and Friend-Brother Pyne.


Friday, October 3, 2014

School has started!

 Oh my goodness.  My girls have gotten big. When did this happen?  Hailey is starting 4th grade this year and Mia is starting Kindergarten.  The girls are so excited that they get to go to school together.  They have big plans about getting to see each other during the day at school.  I love these little muffins, I am sure going to miss them.
 Mia is beyond excited and keeps telling me that she isn't nervous.  Last night I overheard Hailey and Mia talking late into the night.  Hailey was telling Mia all about school and how cool it is and if she needs anything, she will be there.  Warms my heart!
 Mia is going to full day kindergarten.  It's what they do out here in Michigan.  She had to bring a yoga mat to sleep on for nap time and she isn't very excited about that.  Look at her sweet face.  I could kiss those cheeks forever.
 Mia was all smiles when I picked her up after school.  She asked when she gets to go back again and was so excited when I said, "Tomorrow."
This is on the 2nd day of school.  Hailey said she loves her teacher.  She explained her as, "A really nice Mom that is my age."  Haha.  This is Hailey's 2nd year at Barnard Elementary so she already has friends.  She warmed my heart when she said, " I can't wait to go back to school and see all of the new kids that I can be friends with."  Hailey is awesome like that.  Mia, picked her outfit today and put up a pretty good fight to wear it.  Some battles are just not worth fighting.  Love the little Diva.

My Dad's Birthday!

I love having family traditions and finding ways to celebrate even the hard times.  It's always touchy and can be emotional but I want my kids to remember my Dad, their Grandpa.  I want us to celebrate Him, his life.  He still is their Grandpa so I think we should.  This year we decided that on Grandpa's Birthday, August 22, we would have his favorite cake; carrot cake.  The girls helped me make it and we invited the Bruner's (close family friends) over to eat it with us.  During the week we wrote down things we love or remember about Grandpa Dan and read them all out loud on his birthday.

This is what was written.

-Grandpa thought family time was important and made sure we had time for that.
-Grandpa Dan has an amazing testimony and loves the gospel and was always willing to serve in any way Heavenly Father wanted him to.
-Mia drew a picture of a bunch of hearts and said, "Grandpa loves me."  She also drew a picture of Grandpa with a heart face and Grandpa inside of a heart.
-Hailey said, "He loved going to the beach, He told us stories, He took us to the water park and loved me, He helped me save a bird, He hung my picture on the wall and it will stay there."
-Grandpa liked spending time with his kids.  We would exercise together, go boating, play music together, lay in the backyard, hike, ski, play games, watch movies, or just talk.
-Grandpa Dan liked to tell jokes and make people laugh.  He had a good sense of humor.

I sure love my Dad and miss him everyday but I know we will be together again.  I am so thankful for all of the great memories that we have together and I know that he watches over us.
Mia's cute picture of Grandpa Dan.  I wanted to remember this forever.  It's so sweet!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some of my favorites

 We took the girls out to eat at Chili's and they were stuffed.  Our girls have happy and full bellies.
                                          Bub and Mia at her first professional soccer game.
                                                    The girls at Sam& Vanessas wedding.
                                                      Holy smokes, I love this picture.
                                                   Growing up with siblings is seriously the best.
                                                             Fun at Bear Lake

               The Longenecker Family, I think this is the most recent picture of everyone at that time.  Now                                                     there 3 more cousins that should be in this picture.
 Disney Land is a favorite.     We miss living so close to California.  We would drive there in four hours and be at Disney Land.  Now we get to live by some beautiful lakes that we get to play on so I guess it is okay.
                                                    Easter time with our friends from Nevada.

                                                             When there was just Hailey.........

 We absolutely love summer time and everything that comes with it from, parades, rodeos, running through the sprinklers and eating watermelon.  Those are just a few of our favorite summer time things.
                                                       Mia checks are so cute!
 Our awesome friend Melynda took some family pictures for us right before we moved from Nevada.  We miss all our home and sweet friends from Nevada so much.

 The fall time in Michigan is beautiful!!!!  It is hard not to take pictures of our little loves in all of the beauty.
                                                    Miss Mia with her Grandma Tere.
 Hailey is our animal lover.  We like to go to Daniel's Summit in Utah with my family during all of the seasons and enjoy the different activities.
                                                  One of our favorite places- Disney Land.
                                                                  Jake, Mia, Hailey
                                                    Emmie, Hailey, Jake, Mia and Tigger

                                       Mia's face is the best!  She looks so excited.

                                              On the dock enjoying the food and the view.
                                                                  Best Buddies
                                       Summer time in Utah.  Catching garden snakes with Uncle Bruce.
 While Bub was doing interviews he came across this...... Longenecker street.

We are approved for adoption and so so excited!

Brandon, Hailey, Mia and I are so excited that we are now approved for adoption with LDS Family Services.  We dream about having our family grow every day.  The girls keep asking us, "When do we get to adopt?"

Please help us spread the word.  We know that we can not rush something that we want to last forever but we are taking steps in the right direction.

Thanks for all of your help.

If anyone has more questions for us or would like to contact us you can reach us at or check out our profile by clicking on this link below.

Our Adoption Profile

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Before our move to the Midwest

I just found this picture from Hailey's Baptism.  Hailey was baptized by her Dad on January 19, 2013.  We had our favorite people there in body and spirit to support Hailey on her big day when she decided to be baptized.  Melynda, Justin and Brynlee Brunner,  Kendrick, Hailey, Emmie, and Jake Johnson, Bruce and Austie (not in picture but she was there), Eliza, Ryan, Jayden, Grandpa Tom, Grandma Sandra, Uncle Kory, Marianne, and Knight, Grandma Tere and your family, Mia, Mom, Dad and of course Grandpa Dan was there in spirit.

That same weekend we went with the Longenekers to see Hoover Dam.

I couldn't stop laughing during our whole walk across.  Kory was about ready to cry, he was so scared and Grandpa Tom didn't even make it out to the bridge because he was a bit nervous.  I love these people, they make us so happy.

Hailey was and always is our brave girl.  She loved every minute of the adventure.

Marianne, Kory and Knight

Before we made the move, we went with our friends the Johnsons and the Bruners to California.  We went to the beach, Disney Land, and California Adventure.  We will miss the Johnsons like crazy.  We sure do love them.

These girls are the best of buddies.

We found this beautiful semi-private beach.  It was so peaceful a breathtaking.  It was a little peace of heaven with my family and nothing else to worry about.